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Professional Experience

Dalton W. Williams                                                      



A senior executive and IT visionary, responsible for system design including planning, directing, developing, implementing, maintaining, supporting and optimizing key network infrastructures, server systems, high speed data communications and state of the art telecommunications systems.


"Dalton and I have been business associates and friends for going on fifteen years.  Dalton is an extremely bright, mature, dedicated, capable individual who excels at doing the technically difficult with a very down to earth, human result.  Dalton served as the Information Technology executive of my enterprises for many years, including a publically owned commercial bank.  He is honest, trustworthy and will make a positive difference in any undertaking."   E.B. Chester, Chairman, Vail Banks, Inc.




High speed wide area data networks, DS3 TCP/IP networks; Cisco network routers, firewalls and switches; frame relay networks, telecommunication systems including Cisco AVVID Voice Over IP Networks; Wiindows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows 2000 Professional and Server, Exchange Server, SQL Server, Microsoft Office, Word, Excel, Outlook, Access, PowerPoint, Project and Visio.



Vail Banks, Inc., 2002-2008.

Executive VP & CIO Emeritus, WestStar Bank
External Consultant to the Chairman & President, Vail Banks, Inc.

Responsibilities include conducting on-sight review of operations and review of current and future technology plans.


  • 2007  With the announcement of the acquisition of WestStar Bank by US Bank Corp, Mr. Williams returned to review conversion plans, assist in the converging of the banks data networks and assist with the converging of WestStar's and US Bank's banking and telecommunication systems.
  • 2006  Reviewed and oversaw the implementation of a new DS3 network design.
  • 2005  Assumed CIO duties for seven months while WestStar searched for a new CIO candidate. During this time supervised upgrading on all bank servers and desk top systems, system wide conversion to Active Directory, worked to implement new corporate phone policies, and developed a proposal for management review of a real-time off-site backup and failover capability.
  • 2004  Conducted review of network operations and system wide software applications for improvement of operational efficiencies.  Reviewed expiring Lucent phone system contract and proposed switching to Cisco AVVID phone system at the end of the Lucent contract for an immediate savings of $150,000 and continuing savings of $25,000 per month in reduced operational and maintenance cost.
  • 2003  Conducted a study of all bank and branch operations making recommendations to the Chairman and Board.


WestStar Bank, 1995-2002.

Executive VP & CIO, Gypsum, CO. 1999-2002

Responsible for corporate IT budget, strategic planning, management of all technology-based operations, and development and implementation of future technology.


  • Member of WestStar Bank Executive Management Committee responsible for providing technical concepts and direction for the Board of Directors, Chairman & CEO, President, CFO, CAO, and EVP of Operations.
  • Developed the technical concept to construct a voice over data network interconnecting multiple Lucent Definity phone systems in partnership with Cisco's new Voice over Frame Relay research.
  • Developed business case for new communications system consolidating WestStar's separate voice and data networks into a single voice and data TCP/IP network when it had never been done before. Projected savings of $60,000 in monthly long distance and telecommunications cost.
  • Negotiated contracts with Cisco, Lucent, and US West/Quest to in partnership with WestStar develop and implement the first Voice over Data network installed in a commercial environment.
  • Supervised the technical implementation and installation including debugging of hardware and software conflicts between vendors products.
  • Managed the growth of the bank's IT infrastructure to support over 400 network devices and 300 phones located at 27 branches in 23 cities.
  • Responsible for technical floor plan, network design, implementation, and move into WestStar's new 30,000 sq/ft Administration and Operations Center.
  • Researched and sponsored Internet Banking Initiative.


Senior VP - Technology, Vail, CO. 1997-1999

Responsible for designing, implementing and management of future technology; management of technology-based operations; planning and execution of systems conversions of acquired financial institutions.


  • Managed bank operations, mainframe operations, and network/PC operations.
  • Designed and presented the business case for implementing a distributed remote image capture and proof check image system to reduce cost, improve operating efficiency, and ensure funds availability while providing superior banking service to our customers.
  • Successfully implemented the first ever operational distributed remote image capture proof system so successfully that WestStar became our vendor's show-case site.
  • Implemented and managed technology growth from small LAN/WAN serving 5 locations to corporate network connecting 18 locations with 200+ employees and 3 operations centers.
  • Directed all Y2K compliance, both procedural and technical, including Federal Year 2000 compliance and disaster preparedness review.
  • Responsible for systems and network availability in mountainous environment in order to provide excellent customer service as well as to adhere to Federal Reserve Bank daily reporting requirements.
  • A hands on technically competent manager supervising and training team members in wiring buildings, programming routers, and deploying systems, solving day to day problems and the importance of first hand staying abreast of our customers' needs.


Vice President - Technology,
Vail, CO. 1995-1997

Responsible for development of network strategy to link bank's branches, development and acquisition of future technology, and management of day-to-day operations.

  • Replaced SNA leased lines with routed TCP/IP network connecting all bank facilities.
  • Researched and selected new core banking system.
  • Designed and Implemented Windows NT-based TCP/IP network replacing IBM terminals with Windows 95 desktop systems and productivity tools.
  • Managed bank operations, including data processing activities, proof operations, and electronic banking, utilizing Unisys ClearPath mainframe.


Performance Series,
Vail, CO. 1985-1995.

Founder and Principal in firm providing consulting and support services focusing on accounting systems and practices, systems integration, network design, and technology-enabled business practices.

  • Directed development and support of Performance Series Accounting, an early ERP business accounting system serving 18 industries and installed in over 500 businesses across U.S.
  • Managed client training, plus provided accounting and business management consulting services to support Performance Series Accounting.


Colorado Mountain College,
Vail, CO. 1985-1995.

Part time Instructor of undergraduate Accounting and Information Technology.

A sought-after undergraduate level instructor teaching freshman accounting and curriculum wide Information Technology courses incorporating experiential perspectives and problem solving from actual operations and business management.

  • Accounting 101 and 102 Introduction to Accounting.
  • Introduction to Computers and Data Processing, Basic and C++.
  • Structured Programming concepts and techniques.
  • Computer Based Accounting Systems Design.


Micro Business Systems Inc., Shreveport, LA. 1978-1985.

Owner and President.


  • Pioneer in retail computer sales opening the first retail computer store in Louisiana in 1978 selling Apple II computers and small business computer systems.
  • Specialized in small business accounting systems for general business applications and in Mini-Computer based Oil & Gas Production accounting systems.
  • Grew business from zero base to 2.8 Million in sales in 1985 when the business was sold to a regional chain.


Electronic Data Systems, Texas and Wisconsin. 1976-1978.

Systems Engineer

     Banking Systems programming in COBOL and IBM 370 Assembler Languages.

     Managed Wisconsin Title XIX SUR Review and claims adjudication process.

     Supervised Texas Title XIX SUR Review and claims adjudication process.


United States Air Force, 1969-1976.

     Base Procurement Officer, 1974-1976

     Pilot B-52 Strategic Bomber, 1972-1974

     Pilot C-130 Hercules, Viet Nam, 1970 - 1971

     Officers Training and Flight School, 1969-1970





Louisiana Tech University 1969 B.S. Business Administration and Data Processing

University of Southern California 1977-1978 Post-graduate studies, Systems Management



United States Air Force Distinguished Flying Cross
Air Medal with Oak Leaf Cluster
Outstanding Young Men of America
Who's Who of Professionals
2002 Salt Lake Winter Olympics Official



President, International Alpha Micro Dealers Association 1983 & 1991

Board of Directors, International Alpha Micro Dealers Association

Town of Vail Planning and Environmental Commission

Unites States Ski Association Certified Race Official

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